About Us

TaxSaver Plan is a business that firmly believes in hard work, integrity, compliance and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What sets us apart from the competition?

We feel a certain responsibility to help grow and nurture the workforce of the future. In addition, we take pride in our ability to help companies build and sustain a thriving business. You can trust our proven, comprehensive business solutions to help you work smarter and drive your business forward.

From regulatory compliance to ongoing, flexible administration in the area of Cafeteria Plan and Reimbursement Account administration, TaxSaver Plan helps you minimize risk and maximize efficient outsourcing. In addition, TaxSaver Plan offers COBRA law expertise and simple, secure digital archiving through DocuScan technology.

TaxSaver Plan is committed to protecting the privacy of personal health information in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We have undertaken an extensive audit of systems and procedures to verify full and timely compliance with applicable HIPAA requirements. This ultimately provides us with a unified security framework in which to ensure the availability and accuracy of company assets, customer data, and personally identifiable information.

Whenever you need assistance, you can be confident that reliable support is just a phone call away.

Find out what TaxSaver Plan can do for your business. Call us at (800) 328-4337.