COBRA Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) requires most employers with group health plans to give employees the opportunity to temporarily continue their health care coverage if it should end due to a “qualifying event” such as termination, layoff or other change in employment status.

When it comes to COBRA Administration, compliance is absolutely critical. TaxSaver Plan gives you peace of mind with our COBRA Administration Solution, ensuring that you and your employees are protected and in full compliance of all regulatory requirements.

Offering employee benefits is a significant part of attracting and retaining the best employees, which is why we safeguard our clients with the strongest protection available.

Our compliant practices guarantee that only eligible employees elect COBRA and stay covered under your plan. This cuts your claims costs and plan expenses.

TaxSaver Plan COBRA services include:

  • Full indemnification
  • Proof of Mail for all required Notices
  • Toll-free number and bi-lingual Representatives
  • Website access to account information for COBRA Participants
  • Elections processed within 48 hours of receipt
  • Payments processed within 48 hours of receipt

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